Dental Bonding and Teeth Whitening

How to Care for Your Dental Bonding Treatment

A bright and white smile is something that can boost the confidence of a person any day. If your teeth are not as bright or beautiful as you would prefer, dental bonding and teeth whitening can aid in your new smile.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is done to correct teeth that may be chipped or oddly shaped. This procedure is done utilizing either composite or veneer bonding that is customized to the shade you desire. More of the time bonded teeth end up whiter than the rest of your smile, but still corrects chips or repairs the shape of the tooth. The process is very simple and takes about an hour, although multiple teeth may require several visits to achieve the best results. Beyond improving dental aesthetics, dental bonding is used also for filling a decayed tooth and to protect parts of a tooth that has been exposed due to the receding of gums.  

Benefits of dental bonding

- Non invasive
- Customizable
- Preventive 

The downside to dental bonding is that the resin does get stained due to consumption of tea, coffee, and smoking of cigarettes. With this in mind, our Cleveland dentists at A2Z Dental recommend that patients avoid consume foods that may stain your dental bonding for 48 hours.

What if you Want to Whiten your Smile after Dental Bonding? 

Patients should know that your bonding treatment may stain over time. It’s advised to whiten your teeth prior to getting dental bonding done. This will ensure that your bonding specifically matches your new smile. Teeth whitening can be done in office or at home as advised by your dentist. 

In-office whitening treatments are more expensive, and take as many trips as you’d like to attain the specific whiteness of your smile. At home whitening treatments can be done with a customized tray and whitening gel to be daily for two hours daily, or for two weeks at night. This method, if done under the supervision of your dentist, can be very effective. 

After your whitening treatment, whether done at home or in office, continuing with your dental bonding will achieve the whiter smile and fix any chips you may have. 

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